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Steering Wheel Cover

1. Car steering wheel decorative sticker, luxurious and elegance look. 2. Universal 3. Easy to install slip right on steering wheel. 4. Provides comfort and protection for hand. 5. Provides better grip on steering wheel while driving. 6. Custom color available.

Car air conditioning saver

3 minutes quickly reach a temperature of 26 degrees. fuel-efficient, energy-saving, safety, not     damage car decoration Expand only 2 seconds. Installation only takes 1 minute. Can be used all the time. In summer, air conditioner speed cool down for saving fuel. In winter,

Nano Laminated Glass

Nano Laminated Glass is formed by two pieces of glass with the Nano-ceramic film in between. Use nano technology to make the visible light transmit through the window mean while isolate the UV and IR rate outside the glass. The glue between the glass and the film makes the window rigid. Nano ceramic

About Us

Creative-Shades Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 as a trading company in the beginning. Years later, started to manufacture as well. We focused on the technology innovation in Taiwan. The major selling areas are focused on US, Japan, Germany, France, Australia etc.
Our marketing channels are in solar window tint film stores, car accessories department stores and superstores in. "Developing ability" is our strength, we focused on the technology innovation and already applied for more than hundreds patents. We believe that our "flexibility" core competency will be your best support.